This website serves as an information hub for detecting, handling and treating hospital malnutrition, featuring in-depth learnings on proper nutrition diagnosis and risk screening, administration, mixing and handling of parenteral nutrition (PN) and the benefits of treatment.

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The economic burden of disease-related malnutrition in Latin America

Disease-related malnutrition (DRM) is a largely overlooked problem in hospital patients worldwide.1,2 In Latin America alone, up to 60 % of...
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Interview with Dr. Aurora Serralde: winner of the Parenteral Nutrition Research Grant

Interview with Dr. Aurora Serralde, a Doctor in Medical Sciences, working as a clinical researcher in Mexico City and winner...
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Interview with Dr. Isabel Correia: member of the Parenteral Research Grant Commitee chair

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First-ever Parenteral Nutrition Research Grant Latin America Winner puts spotlight on omega-3 fatty acid benefits

Medical researchers often require specific equipment and tools for work. In Latin America, securing adequate funding and resources is difficult....
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